Tuesday, April 25, 2017

Odd'l Rockets Goony G-16 Build, Part 8, White Paint and a Fix TIP

This is an easy one to paint, it's all gloss white.

After one coat I sanded down any rough fillets and glue blobs.

To keep paint out of the front end of the tube a wrap of masking tape went on the inside end.

The nose cone was painted separately because the Rusto 2X seems to take much longer to dry on plastic.
To hold the nose cone, masking tape was set down on one edge of some copy paper. This was wrapped around the nose cone shoulder.

I couldn't get a smooth surface on the bomb support sides, they are hard to reach with sandpaper.

So I cheated!
TIP: A piece of white decal paper was cut to size and set over the rough support surface.
This isn't something that works all the time, this is in an area nobody would probably notice. But it did cover and smooth out the rough side some.

Here's how it came out. Much better, not perfect but better.
I followed up with some Future clear acrylic applied with a Q-tip.


  1. Chris I have a question for you. Where did you get the PNC60 nose cone? Is there a kit that uses this nose cone? Can't seem to fine one?

    1. Hi Frank,
      I actually only had two of the PNC60 nose cones in my spare parts supply. If this were to become a kit I'd use the BNC-60H from BMS.
      As far as I know, Estes doesn't sell this nose cone in the 3 pack assortment anymore.

    2. Hi Chris,
      FYI, I found a kit that ESTES uses this nose cone in. It's the Curvilinear kit and ESTES is running a sale on it for $4.29. Grab three of them.

    3. Thanks Frank,
      Good to know! If this Goony becomes a kit I'd probably buy balsa cones from BMS, still a bit cheaper than the clearance sale kit.

    4. Chris, I don't blame you, BMS cone would keep the cost of the kit down. I'm crossing my finger you go ahead and produce a Goony G-16. Good luck on it.

    5. I just checked, the Curvlinear body tube is too short. The only parts I could use from the kit are the nose cone, engine hook and launch lug!