Sunday, April 9, 2017

PML Lunar Express Build, Part 7, Fin Slot Fill

The two smaller, opposing fin slots were cut just a bit long. This will need some sort of fill.
Epoxy would drip and run into the slot and might take three or four runny applications to fill it.

I ended up pushing toothpicks into the slot.
Stacked side by side it'll be strong fill. The width of the toothpick sides were just about the right width.

After the toothpicks were friction fitted and tight, some medium CA glue was applied to the sides to lock them in.

The front edge was cut to match the leading edge angle with a single edge razor blade.

After that, the toothpicks were trimmed close with an X-acto knife.

The fill was sanded to match the leading edge and flat with the tail cone contour.

Later, epoxy fillets will smooth and seal the joint.

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