Tuesday, April 4, 2017

PML Lunar Express Build, Background

I don't usually do mid power models. Epoxy has never been my best friend.
Here's the base kit background from PML -

Based on the rockets of 1950`s SciFi movies, here`s the Little Lunar Express!  With it`s fin "wings" and tail, landing pods, and retro styling, this is one great-looking bird.  First shown to the world at LDRS-17 and NARAM-40, this kit has all the great features you`ve come to expect from PML.  Complete with cockpit and passenger window decals, as well as tail numbers. This is a great kit to add to your collection, and is sure to draw attention on the flying field!  Flies great on 38mm H and I motors.

Length: 35.0 in.    Dia: 4.0 in.   Weight: 58.0 oz.
Recovery: 54" parachute          Fins: G-10 fiberglass

My client wanted it to capture the feel of the Planet Express rocket from Futurama. Next post we'll start on the build.

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  1. I've always liked the design of this model. I will be reading all of this one.