Saturday, April 1, 2017

Estes Nike Smoke #7247 Build, Finished

The rubber shock cord was switched out with a longer elastic cord. It was joined to the replaceable Kevlar line from the engine mount. The parachute shroud lines broke with an easy tug. These were replaced with cotton embroidery thread. The chute got a snap swivel attachment.

The picture with the two nose cones has the kit nose cone on top and the Enerjet "Smoking" nose cone on the bottom. To see that catalog page: CLICK HERE
I'm looking forward to trying the smoking nose cone with a D12 engine.
Considering the Enerjet Nike Smoke was launched with E24 engines it should reach enough speed to blow the talcum powder out the side vent. The other 18mm standard Nike Smoke build will be sold on Ebay.

Some personal rocket history -
The original Enerjet Nike Smoke was my first (and only) composite engine flight. That had to be in 1973 at the local school yard in my hometown of Watsonville, California. I launched it with the Enerjet E24-7 engine. The catalog page says it can reach 2,100 feet, that would mean the highest altitude I've ever reached!
I can remember most of the "smoke" was released pretty close to the ground. It had a silk parachute, pretty high tech back then. Of course it drifted and the field wasn't big enough. It came down and draped over a power line. I went home and called up PG&E, our power company. Half an hour later a truck showed up. The operator got it down! I was surprised to get it back - considering it was Easter Sunday!


  1. Really impressive, especially the fin shaping and evenness of the fluorescent paint. I can never get those right. I must bow down to you and call you Shihan (Master) Chris.;)

  2. Thanks Guys!
    The 18mm standard Nike Smoke should be going up for auction on Ebay next week.