Saturday, April 22, 2017

Odd'l Rockets Goony G-16 Build, Part 5, Wings, Fins and Bomb Gluing

After filling the balsa parts with CWF and smooth sanding, all the parts were taped down to a scrap piece of cardboard for a good shot of  primer/filler.

Shoot one side, flip them over and shoot the other side.
Here's a wing and small sub fin after sanding off most of the primer/filler. There's not much of it left on the surface. I don't use this as a primer but more as a filler to finish any remaining grain or body tube seams.

Here's what's glued together so far. It looks better than I thought it would

Some primer filler was scraped off to make a gluing area for the bomb support piece.

The back end with the bombs and missiles glued on.
The rear sub fins are just under the rear of the intake tube.


  1. That's quite the goon-tastic looking rocket!

    1. Thanks Anonymous,
      Wait 'till you see it finished! The Goony version also will have some fun decal changes.

  2. It strikes me that the G-16's proportions are actually closer to the real F-16. I like this one!

    P.S. I've enjoyed your blog from the sidelines for a while now - thanks for sharing your knowledge, experience and expertise!

    1. Hi Jon,
      The first F-16 was based on the OOP Centuri kit. It's sleeker and longer actually closer to the F-16 profile. The Goony version was simply a diversion because I was tired of building the same prototype!
      I like the way the Goony version turned out, much better looking than anticipated.

  3. Speaking of goonies, what do you think of using the Estes Jetliner as a basis for goonie clones? I know you used the Baby Bertha in the past. The Jetliner is on special at under $5 on the Estes website.

    1. Hi BAR,
      I don't know if the Estes Jetliner body tube is the standard Goony size at 7 1/2". That's not a bad idea to pick up a bunch of Jetliners cheap! But I'd have to switch a different nose cone, 18mm mount and different laser cut balsa.
      I think if you wanted to make some 13mm Goonys, the Jetliner might be a good starting point.