Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Odd'l Rockets Goony G-16 Build, Part 10, Nose Cone Divot Touchup - TIP

The canopy is glued in place  using CA glue.
CA glue can get brittle over time. I'd recommend adding a bit around the edges every once in a while to keep it secured.

The canopy decal strips were overhanging the sides after the decals dried. these are trimmed off using a razor blade.
Look at the upper right along the canopy edge. The razor blade cut chipped some white paint showing the black nose cone plastic underneath - ARGHHHH!

For touch-ups I use the same paint I used on the body. Rusto 2X paints can be temperamental but they do blend very well on touch-ups.

A small snack bag is pressed into a mixing cup.
Paint is sprayed into the cup making a small pool in the bag.
NOTE: Metalhead1986 commented that Krylon spray paint will eat right through the plastic mixing cup!

Dip a toothpick into the paint retaining a small drop on the tip.

Set the tip into the chip recess letting the paint fill the divot. Don't use the toothpick as a brush, just place the tip and let the paint run into the chipped area. It might take two tries to fill the hole.

Pick up any excess paint outside the divot with a Q-tip.

It's not perfect but a whole lot easier than masking and spraying again.


  1. After my experience yesterday, be careful if doing this with Krylon. I don't know what they suspend the paint in, but it ate right through the plastic cup and the plastic part of our outside tablecloth, dang it. Rusto never did this.

    1. Thanks Metal,
      I only use the Krylon clear acrylic on water slide decals. I'll add your tip to this post.