Monday, April 24, 2017

Two New Saturn V Kits - Achhhh!

Why two kits?
I wanted to have them on hand just in case somebody wants one built. I have built a few for customers in the past.

The package lists the kit as a Skill Level 4. This should be a Skill Level 5 kit. Getting the vacuform wraps and fin fairings right should qualify it for a 5. The painting masks are very time consuming.

The last Saturn V kit I built had an additional small white background decal sheet. This sheet has the fin markings with the white ink.
The small UNITED STATES and flag decals still aren't curved to fit the conical command module.
CORRECTION: I did look closer at the decals and two of the command module decals are curved.

I don't know why the yellow backing sheet is in the box. Everything was loose and the backing sheet was nowhere near the decals.
These decals say they were printed in China but there is no Chinese print on the yellow backing paper.

Here's the newer molded fins - no more vacuform fins in this kit!
I've read where some kits included both the older vacuform and molded fins. My kits had just the new molded versions.

A D engine yellow spacer tube is included at 2 3/4" long. The instructions show the longer 3 3/4" long E engine spacer.

I won't be building these any time soon, unless someone wants to buy a finished model. My previous blog build still applies to 90% of the latest kit version.


  1. I'm guessing the yellow sheet was supposed to be on the face side of the decal to protect them from being damaged -- of course it's sort of moot if the decal sheet isn't packed in a separate bag.

    1. Hi Naoto,
      Yep, both the decal and the yellow backing sheet were in two different locations in the opened box. One piece of tape folded over both the edge of the decal and yellow backing would have kept them together.