Sunday, April 23, 2017

NEFAR Launch Bunnell, FL, April 22, 2017

I arrived around 11:00 a.m. counting 75 cars already there, more were arriving.
The two-day Bunnell Half Blast is turning into a big event.
On these two day launches the LPR and MPR launches are independent of each other. You can load and launch LPR without waiting for the larger rockets to fly.
Surprisingly the LPR launchers weren't busy until later in the afternoon. This was the first hot day of the Summer launch season.

Take a look at the new LPR launch controller designed by Steve Ghoto.
It is smaller than the picture lets on, the footprint is about 8" X 8". A very clean layout, the labeling is to be added soon.
Its wireless and transmits a launch signal to the relay switch near the rack.

Even thought the Goony G-16 is still being built on this blog, I flew it twice and was very stable.
First up with a Estes B6-4 it got to an estimated 300'. It touched down on hard dirt and cracked a fin. Gary had some white glue for a quick repair.
The second launch was with a Estes C6-5. Same straight flight boost but to approx. 500 feet. This time it landed softer with no damage.
A good start for an Odd'l prototype.

Boost gliders have never been my strong suit. I've had them shred on boost or glide away. The only B/G success I ever had was with the original Citation Bomarc, a pop-pod boost glider.
The Estes SKYDART is a classic, I've never flown one until now.
I did a dozen test tosses making slight adjustments on the elevon set screw.
Loaded with an Estes C6-3 it arced to the East to 300' and ejected the pod. It settled into a fast circular glide pattern. The glide was flat and I was counting. After ejection it did glide for 25 seconds!

My older Estes MINI SHUTTLE was flown with a German Quest B6-4.

There's not much room for the 12" parachute. The shock cord is pushed into the hollow nose cone first. The folded chute follows, half in - half out.
At ejection the shock cord (usually) pulls out the chute.
Altitude was an estimated 300' with no damage on recovery.

I delivered 10 of the new Odd'l Rockets F-16 kits on site to Roger and Bracha of Roger listed them right away, via his cell phone.

Here's Jim Lytle with his F-16 kit, he was the first to buy one!
As I was driving out Bracha stopped me to say through website sales the F-16 were already sold out! Thanks everybody - they'll be mailed out on Monday.
Apogee will have an allotment in a few days - I've got to make more kits!

The NEFAR field is large and my chance to fly larger engines. (Well, large for me anyway.)
The New Way N-20 DEMON was launched with a D12-5 engine to an estimated 700'.
There was no parachute at ejection! It fell slowly enough and landed with one shroud line draped over the corner of a range tent. Damage was minimal, a slight crease in the body tube.

This was one of the better launch days. A new Odd'l kit, two good prototype flights and a decent glide time with a filled and painted Skydart!

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