Friday, April 14, 2017

PML Lunar Express Build, Part 17, Masking The Dark Green - TIP

All four fins are to be painted dark green.

Here's the first root edge tape. Masking this leading edge is more difficult with the curvature of the tail done joint.

The epoxy fillets leave a rounded leading edge joint.
One the left is the first three pieces of marked Scotch tape set down. More pieces are added to give a rounded end.

Regular masking tape will go down next filling in the larger areas between the fins.
TIP: To help avoid any paint lifting some of the tape adhesion is lessened by pressing the tape against the pant leg of my jeans. The tape is stuck down and lifted three or four times. This leaves fiber threads on the adhesive side. It still sticks but not anywhere near as much as the tape right off the roll.


  1. Chris you should give Tamiya brand tape a try. It is a low tack flexible masking tape for hobby use. I have used it for close to 10 years with no issues. I have even used it on Alclad paints by debonding it by sticking it to a cutting mat first such as you do with your jeans.

    1. Hi Moontana,
      I have used Tamiya tape in the past and got good results. But for me (and it's just my way of doing things cheaper) I get the same results with Scotch tape at a fraction of the Tamiya tape price.
      I'm convinced Scotch tape does a great job if the masked surface or fillets are smooth and clean.