Monday, April 3, 2017

New Starship Nova Instruction Change

On YORF, John Boren of Estes explained a change in the upcoming Starship Nova re-release:

"This version of the kit is built a little different then the original version. The end result is the model looks exactly the same. On the original version you were told to cut the main BT-50 body tube away to accept the shorter BT-50 tube that in seen on the lower portion of the model. This means the shorter tube is now recessed into the longer main tube. You were then told to add a glue fillet around the joint. Only problem is on the 7 test models I made this glue joint came apart on ALL 7 models from the ejection gases. So now you instead cut the shorter tube so it simply glues to the outside of the main body tube, Problem solved."
                                                                                                           John Boren

The older kit produced from 1981 - 1984 was catalog number 1371. The new kit number is number 7262.
If you want to study up for a future build, the original instructions are at JimZs: CLICK HERE

I had never built this kit and was curious about the construction. The new kit change Mr. Boren talks about makes better sense.
On the right is the original instructions. A slot is cut in the main BT-50 tube and a second, smaller BT-50 is glued in the slot.
The ejection charge would hit the low end of the embedded tube!

Cutting a piece out of the shorter tube then gluing to the outside of the main body makes better sense!

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  1. Glad you posted this, I have the parts for a clone in my build pile. Will incorporate the new instructions. BTW if you're interested the laser cut fins are here:
    The uniquely shaped centering rings are here:
    And a replica of the droop nose is here:
    Kind of pricey for the nose cone, but it's the only source I know of. Happy cloning!