Friday, April 7, 2017

Odd'l F-16 Kit Update!

I recently bought a small vacuum forming machine for the F-16 clear canopies.
Getting the best thickness of plastic, finding the correct temperature and the right moment to turn on the vacuum takes some time - and lots of trashed canopies!
Here's twenty I made yesterday afternoon. On the lower right is a cut and ready finished canopy.

The F-16 kit will have water slide decals!
I ordered 100 sheets from My only gripe was the way previous orders were shipped in a plain envelope. The decal paper was folded to fit in my mailbox.
In the comments section of the online order form I asked for the paper to be shipped in a flat box. This is what I received!


  1. Ha! I don't know if that's good customer service, or sarcasm, or both! As long as the decal paper is flat, I guess it doesn't matter.

  2. Hate it when the postal carrier bends things to make them fit in his bag!

    So, hurry up Chris! I want four of these; seriously!

    1. Hi Tim,
      Four? Dang, I better get busy . . .