Tuesday, April 4, 2017

PML Lunar Express Build, Part 1, Parts

From what little I know about mid-power the parts seem to be very good quality.
The gray tubing (I should call it an airframe, this is mid power and all) is Quantum Tubing. A polymer tube, it looks like gray plastic.
The fins are G-10 fiberglass are .062" or about 1/16" thick.
To the far right are the molded urethane landing pads.
The launch lugs are 1/4" diameter brass.
The 38mm motor mount (brown tube) is thick phenolic.
On the low right is the ejection piston package.
To check out the instructions, CLICK HERE

The nose cone and tail cone are plastic.
The nose cone has a well formed resin tip. The strap shock cord is already attached to the tip, set in the resin glue.
The tail cone looks to be made from the same nose cone mold. Fin slots are cleanly cut.
More parts in the next post . . .


  1. Yes, PML just cuts the tips off their nose cones to make their boat tails. I believe it says so right on their Web site.

    1. Hi Metal,
      That's what I figured! Most all the parts were clean, very good quality. The only thing I found a little off was the length of one launch lug.