Thursday, April 27, 2017

MPC X2 Invader Build, Background

Why another MPC branded model?
I needed some ST-7 tubing and are the only vendor left that carries it. The MPC kits are on clearance at $5.00.

The box still proclaims: "Flys up to 260 feet!" Every different model design in the MPC lineup says the same thing. My MPC Red Giant (another Sky rocket re-brand) did get to 427' with an Estes C6-5.

Besides that, Warner Brothers characters are a favorite of mine, even thought this model looks nothing like the Duck Dodgers cartoon rocket seen at the right. Sometimes it's a nice change to put together an easy one.

I find these kits interesting to see how things are done in China.
I don't think I'd launch this one with the Quest A6-4. At 2.2 ozs it might be on the ground when the parachute deploys.

This rocket is the same kit at the Sky Long March 3, a semi-scale model of the Chinese launch vehicle, with a very different decor.

This picture is from the Apogee Components website.


  1. Also the same as another MPC kit, the Galactic Training Ship. Just different external wraps.

  2. BTW Chris, if you just need the tubing, look under Parts from Semroc/body tubes/ST-7 on the erockets website. 18" length for $1.99, and 34" for $2.50 ( from Totally Tubular). Plus numerous smaller lengths. Cheers.

    1. Hi BAR,
      I have bought ST-7 tubing from Erockets, but they don't offer the vendor discount that Semroc did! They are now too expensive for me and the price of my kits.

  3. And the Galactic Training ship is a sky writer. Mine does it, and I saw one at the NEFAR launch on Saturday that did it. I think I will add a little nose weight and see what happens.

    1. Hi Metal,
      You are right, I remember seeing one fly like that! This one is already heavy at 2.2 oz.
      My MPC Cadet Cruiser was also unstable. I wasted three engines trying to get it to fly vertical. I ended up throwing it away.