Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Odd'l Rockets Goony G-16 Build, Part 9, Decals TIP

I always read of water slide decals  problems. Some builders dread them and won't even try to apply a decal.
In my Odd'l Rockets kits I include "Extras" or practice decals. Start with those smaller extras first! It's tempting to apply the largest, most colorful decals but save them for last after you get a feel for the decal soak times and how they transfer.

TIP: Always wet the surface of the model with a wet finger. Rub the water back and forth and leave on the surface.
This gives the decal some surface lubrication and lets you position and re-position the decal until it is where you want it.

When re-drawing decals for a Goony you should poke fun at the original design.
Obviously you include the word Goony on the decals. I replaced the stylized eagle with a duck. The duck wasn't part of the first Goony F-16 build, the decal was changed after the model was finished. The center star was changed to a target with cross hairs.
The CAUTION decals made me think of things my Mother would warn me about.

Some of the references are a little inside like the number on the rear of the rudder decal.
The DANGER decals near the canopy were changed to DANGME.


  1. Hey, you're Kareem Abdul-Jabbar!I totally missed your Airplane reference when looking at this on Saturday. What a great movie. Back on the subject at hand, thanks for giving me a great idea for an Expedition I am trying to find a scheme for, as I absolutely hate what Estes came up with, comrade. :)

    1. Hi Metal,
      I added that to the decal art and the blog picture. there's another new inside art thing not shown here.
      Yeah, there are others who don't like the face card décor of the Expedition.

  2. I chuckled at the tail number. Jenny smiles too.