Friday, April 21, 2017

Odd'l Rockets Goony G-16 Build, Part 4, Details

On most short Goonys you recess the engine mount to move the C/G forward.
The mount was pressed in until the low bend on the engine hook was even with the bottom of the BT-60 tube.

Here I'm applying and smoothing the rear fillet with a Q-tip. Both inside ends of the main airframe tube got a wipe of CA glue to strengthen and seal the edge.

The Goony launch lug "missiles" are wider than the Odd'l kit at 3/16" diameter.
One end is cut at a 45 degree angle.
TIP: To be sure the cut angles are consistent, I drew some guide lines in my work board.

The dowel bombs felt a little heavy. I don't want too much weight at the back end.

I drilled out a 3/16" diameter hole in the rear. I only cut .02 oz. from each dowel, but that could still help.

The bottom intake tube was cut from a BT-55 tube.
The launch lug was glued inside and in line with the engine hook position.

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