Saturday, April 15, 2017

PML Lunar Express Build, Part 19, Canopy Vinyl

Stickershock had done some custom Futurama vinyl for the build.

Red Trim Monkote strips were applied down the body and onto the nose cone.
I centered the canopy position between the two red stripes by marking a piece of paper. The paper was folded in the middle giving me the center mark.

The bottom layer of the vinyl is peeled off leaving the printed vinyl on the top layer.
The upper layer is translucent letting you position the printed vinyl.
Notice the pencil line down the center of the canopy. This was lined up with the center pencil line already drawn on the nose cone.

When you are sure the vinyl is in the right spot, press and burnish the vinyl in place. The upper layer is then peeled off leaving the printed art in place.

There was some light green trim on the borders. This was lightly trimmed off cutting only the vinyl and not into the paint.

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  1. Mark does amazing work. When I finally get around to my Semroc Saturn 1B, his work will play a prominent role.