Sunday, April 30, 2017

MPC X2 Invader Build, Part 4, Ends and Edges

The blow molded nose cone did have some seams. I did my best to smooth them out but didn't do any seam filling. Heck, it's only a five dollar rocket. I'm not going that crazy with this one.
I don't know why this picture came out orange.

The attachment hole needed to be cleared for tying on the shock cord.
I used the Duncan Uni-Knot.

The small black nozzles are glued into small holes in the back of the fin can.
The holes were too small and were enlarged with a small diamond file. A small amount of glue was set into the holes and the nozzles pressed and turned into place.

The 18" parachute is too big for the model. I would think packing this big chute in a BT-55 sized tube would be tight, not leaving any room for wadding and the shock cord.
I'll be substituting a 12" chute in its place.
The chute colors aren't a great match for a red and yellow rocket.

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