Saturday, April 29, 2017

MPC X2 Invader Build, Part 3, Fin Can

An elastic shock cord was tied to the Kevlar. The entire shock cord was rolled up and stuffed into the engine mount tube.

Before gluing the fin can into the tube, line up the pre-printed tube graphics so the Marvin art and rocket name are positioned between two fin slots. In the right side picture I made pencil marks on the fin can for alignment on the back tube seam.

A bead of the Fabri-Tac glue was set down inside the tube and the fin can slid into place.
The pencil mark on the fin can was aligned with the overlap seam on the body tube.

The fins were slid into the fin can slots.
Thin Ca glue was dropped onto the top and bottom joint and allowed to run inside the joint.

One side of the launch lug was roughed up with 400 grit. I was surprised how well the lug adhered with just wood glue.

The two small lugs were aligned with the aluminum angle.

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