Thursday, November 27, 2014

Apogee Christmas Ornament

Apogee has a Christmas ornament for the 2014 season.
Through Monday, December 1 it's free with your Apogee order.
After that, it's just $2.00.

From the Apogee webpage:
"There is a limit of one per customer, and you have to add the item to your shopping cart when you order, as well as pay for the shipping fees."

I actually like this one better than the plastic Estes ornaments.
You put this one together and paint it the color you want.
And - it's 6" tall. (Mini engine conversion anybody?)


  1. Love the new banner art - I am gearing up for the winter building season. I have an old Mercury Redstone (Estes #1921) that I am going to rebuild.

    1. Thanks Eero,
      I try to keep the blog interesting.
      Have fun with the tower "dowels" and the multi-piece fins on the Estes Redstone.