Monday, November 10, 2014

Estes R2D2 #2142 Build, Part 4, Body Lock Rings

The interior rings are slid on dry, without glue.
Once the BT-55 tube is even with the bottom of the body half, the green rings are slid to either side of the horizontal ridge.
The rings should be fairly tight against the ridge.

The instructions have you set lines of glue up and down the tube around the final position of the rings.
The rings are tight and would probably get stuck in the wrong position. I don't agree with the way you are told to glue then slide the rings into place over glue that is probably starting to set up!

I slid the rings tight around the horizontal ridge then removed the tube with the rings in place.
White glue fillets were added away and separate from the body half.

Before the glue set up the assembly was set back into the plastic half to check position and dry.

These two fillets on the top and bottom alone will be plenty strong.

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