Thursday, November 20, 2014

Estes Equinox Build Part 4, Fins and Tube Fill

I'm doing two different versions of the ScramJet / Equinox.
The Estes Equinox version is on the left, the Centuri Scram Jet on the right.  
The "H" piece (upper left) in the Estes Equinox goes across connecting the vertical fins. The small rudders (Part I) were added to the Estes kit.

On the right the Centuri Scram Jet pieces are fewer and simpler.
I cut these out of 1/16" thick basswood.

CWF was brushed over the body tube joint seam.

The inset picture is the filled joint after sanding.
After assembling the model, that joint is almost covered by the jet tubes (Part F) and the upper fin assembly.
You probably wouldn't even see the joint if it wasn't filled.

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