Saturday, November 1, 2014

Estes Patriot Build #2056, Part 11, White Undercoats and Mask

Here's the entire model going through white undercoats.

Under the light you can see the surface after wet sanding.
All I do is just take off the tops of any orange peel. With the high spots knocked down there is still some gloss in the low areas.
This is the upper mask for the yellow.
The 1" wide red area (to the right) has been masked off.
I could have shot the entire section yellow then followed with the red band but was concerned the red area would be orange-ish with the yellow paint under the red.
I wanted the upper red to match the red on the fins.

The fin paint is easy, one tape wrap above the leading edge of the fins.
The red/white edge will be covered by the black roll pattern lower band.

Build time: (Some items below weren't covered by pictures in this build)
First white undercoat = 5 minutes
Wet sand white = 15 minutes
Second white coat = 5 minutes
Wet sand second coat = 15 minutes
Mask upper and lower = 15 minutes

Total build time so far = 5 hours 35 minutes

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