Sunday, November 30, 2014

Kevlar Loop Knot

When you put a tight loop to make a knot in three strand Kevlar it tends to unravel. (On left)

Before tying the overhand knot, over twist to tighten the line to overcompensate where the line wants to separate. It only takes an extra half twist the same direction as the three lines are turned.

Here's how the overhand knot should end up after tying.
There is no unraveling  at the top of the loop.

A little white glue is applied to the knot to prevent unraveling.
Some on the forums say not to use glue on knots. I don't use glue down the length of the Kevlar or shroud lines, just on the knot.

TIP: Never use CA or Super Glues on knots!
Super glues will run up or down the line making it stiff and brittle.
Use a small drop of white glue or Titebond.

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