Thursday, November 6, 2014

Estes Christmas Tree Ornaments

Estes has just released rocket ornaments for your Christmas Tree -

This "Collectable 2014" ornament looks like like the old Mighty Mites NINJA flying model from around 2001.
With annual releases of the other Mighty Mites Blitz, Sizzler, Fury, Maverick and Harpoon rockets, Estes could have ornaments for years! The molded launch lugs make handy ties for hooking onto a branch.
The older RTF "T" engine rockets had ejection and melting problems and are better served as decorations for the tree.

These might end up on my tree next to some Quest MMX LPBs and the Semroc Point topping it all off! Who says I'm not in the Christmas spirit?


  1. Ordered all three Thanks for the heads up

  2. Update information on the Estes Ornaments -
    A post on TRF said the nose cone and back end of the body are sealed. It would take a lot of work to ream these out for an engine.

  3. Another update:
    Estes is giving away a Free Ornament with orders over $100. Whoo hoo!

  4. Got em on the tree tonight in advance for a family Thanksgiving this week Wife and I put up the tree, I love the retro look....Does anyone make a retro tapered rocket kit thats not a V2?

  5. Hi Metalhead,
    If you haven't already, go to
    Check out the Space Ark and 3FNC models.
    The Retro Rebel and Mega Rebel might be good choices.

  6. Thanks again Chris,,,,Happy Holidays Rocket friend

  7. Think the rebel series could be sheeted (like a leading edge on a model airplane wing...)....?....I don't like the ribbed look at all

    1. Hi Metalhead,
      I don't know if the Rebel rockets can be sheeted or not. I understand they are pretty heavy already. I've seen them fly. They do fly well but it's a draggy model.

  8. update on ornaments: Color choice determined by Estes