Tuesday, November 4, 2014

Estes Patriot Build #2056, Part 14, Shock Cord Ties

The shock cord attachment is different on this one.
The lower body shock cord is 1/4" wide and loops through the punched holes in the top of the coupler disk.
On the left is the view from the bottom. The 1/4" wide elastic is pushed through the small holes with tweezers.

The inset picture is from the top. A 1/8" elastic cord is looped through the 1/4" lower shock cord.

Here the upper 1/8" elastic is tied to the nose cone lug.

This is for good reasons - 
1. You won't lose the nose cone.
2. The upper shock cord allows a altimeter to be easily attached.
You won't lose the altimeter either.

We've all lost nose cones at ejection, especially above a payload section. I like to tether nose cones if they aren't already tied on.

Build time: 
Tie Both Shock Cords = 20 minutes
Total build time so far = 6 hours 40 minutes

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