Friday, November 14, 2014

Estes R2D2 #2142 Build, Part 8, Parachute, Shock Cord & Fins

The 12" parachute is assembled as normal.
The instructions have you loop the shroud lines around the mount then pull the canopy through the loop. This will make some tangled shroud lines.

For a tangle free parachute I tied some small loop knots at the centers of the shroud line loops.
A heavy line was fed through the loops.
This outside line was tied around the engine mount and taped.

The 36" elastic shock cord was tied on the upper end and taped.
A second 18" shock cord was included in the kit and isn't used.

This is a rear eject model.
The parachute folds and is set around the interior engine mount tube.
The shock cord wraps around the parachute.

The other end of the shock cord is tied to a plastic loop at the bottom of the body.
With the shock cord attached the engine mount doesn't slide in very easily over the lower plastic centering ring. I'll have to file a notch to allow the shock cord some relief.

Don't dry fit the clear fins!
The fit on the pin is so tight I had problems getting the two pieces apart to get some glue in there.
You only have to apply glue to the pin and press the fins in place.

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