Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Estes Equinox Build Part 9, Fin Assembly Mask and Undercoat

Here's the two fin assemblies.
Half of the Centuri Scram Jet is on the left,
The Estes Equinox on the right.

The slots on the top of the Equinox fin unit have been filled with CWF and sanded smooth with 400 grit.

Before spraying a white undercoat, the gluing surfaces were masked off with strips of masking tape.
The lower inside and root edges were taped off.

This is the Equinox sub fin after the first coat of gloss white.
The grain pores in the Tung wood are raised and will have to be sanded down.
You can't smooth sand too much, you might open up the pore beneath the raised pore wall.

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