Monday, November 24, 2014

Estes Equinox Build Part 8, Fin Assembly and Sub Fin Gluing

The small sub fins were still showing some open fin grain after the primer dried.
Again, this is the Tung wood. The CWF doesn't stay in like it does with balsa.

Here's the Estes Equinox fin unit.
It was glued together now and will be painted a darker gray before the model is glued together.
It actually friction fit together without needing the alignment guide piece.
Fillets are applied now. You couldn't get underneath it if it were glued onto the main body tube.
CWF filler was brushed onto the slots in the top.

There is a "gotcha" in the instructions at the "Sub Fin Attachment" section.
The instructions say the fins are glued even with the end of the tube. The illustration shows the trailing edge is forward of the tube edge.

I glued the sub fins forward by 1/4", like the instruction drawing shows.

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