Monday, November 17, 2014


Here's one I won on EBAY for $20.00 plus $5.00 shipping.
Normal retail is now $31.99 before shipping.
I'd always wanted to build the Sidewinder. This was a TLP plan pack, It looks like somebody added their own bag of parts.

The auction pictures showed the balsa sheeting had a broken corner but it looked like there was plenty of extra wood for all the fins.
No parachute was included.
The longer of the two BT-60 body tubes was bent up on both the top and bottom. That will have to be replaced.

A small parts bag contained a 3/16" lug. It looked more like a plastic soda straw that had been spray painted gray.

The directions are very complete. They even show you how to roll an engine mount tube.
The picture on the right shows the fin details.
This could be a fun one! 

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