Saturday, November 22, 2014

Estes Equinox Build Part 6, Tube Fix and Fin Primer Coat

Before strengthening the tubes with CA glue, check to see if any of the inside spirals are lifting.
You should use white glue to set the lifted inside edge down. For some reason, CA glue doesn't hold down any lifting wrap end very well.

Sneak some white glue under the lifted edge with the tip of your knife.
Roll the end down with a clean dowel.

The outside of the tube (over the interior lift edge) can be strengthened some with some medium CA.
A drop was set down and the excess picked up with a Q-tip.
Sand with 400 grit after it dries.

Here's some of the fins set down on a piece of cardboard for primer spraying.
They are set down on masking tape, sticky side up.
The root edges are butted against each other to keep the primer off the gluing surfaces.

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