Wednesday, November 19, 2014

Red Launch Button

I add a red tape piece over the launch buttons on my controllers.
Shouldn't a launch button be red anyway?
The Estes controllers have been a single color for years now. 
I place a piece of colored electrical tape on top of the button.

The old piece was sliding off.
The yellow plastic button has a ridged surface. The tape was removed and the ridges sanded smooth so the new red tape would stick better.

This time the red tape square was cut a bit smaller than the top of the yellow button. Keeping the tape edges away from the button sides will keep the corners from lifting.

This controller is special. It was a prototype model sent out by Estes for customer testing. It was hand wired with a (new for Estes) LED continuity light.


  1. Yes the button should be red or at least contrast with the body of the controller so it stands out ....

    1. Hi Metalhead,
      The two old Centuri controllers were molded in light orange and black:
      The orange controller used the black button and key, the black controller used the orange button and key. A smart use of two different color molding of the same controller housings.