Monday, November 17, 2014

Estes Equinox Build Part 1, Parts

This Estes version is based on the old Centuri Scram Jet kit #KF-4.
The Centuri kit didn't have the long continuous stabilizer. Centuri had two long separate horizontal pieces. The sub fins were missing on the Scram jet.

Pieces of Interest:
The long launch lug, 1/16" thick laser cut fins, the decal sheet features the kit name not the stenciled U.S. NAVY, a thick yellow coupler/engine block, two card stock alignment templates.


  1. I recall when first seeing the Estes kit at the hobby shop and pondered several questions:
    * build kit as-is, or build It as a retro-repro of ScramJet, or perhaps build as hybrid (e.g. cut apart the single-piece horizontal stabilizer, and retain the ventral sub-fins)?
    * use markings as-is, or make them closer to those found on the Centuri kit?
    * modify to fly on 13mm? Though after reading the review of a build (: ), one might have second thoughts...

    1. Hi Naoto,
      I'll be building both the Estes and Centuri versions. In addition to being "split", the Centuri Scram Jet fins are smaller than the Estes Equinox.
      Decals for the Centuri version were also drawn up. You'll see it as the build continues.
      I kept mine the 18mm version. I can always use a 5/20 engine mount adapter for "T" engines.
      I think this one would be fine with Estes A8-3 or Quest A6-4 engines.