Monday, November 3, 2014

Estes Patriot Build #2056, Part 13, Roll Patterns

Taken from the cut lines on the stick-on sheet, all the roll pattern bars are 5/8" wide.

The black roll pattern will be cut from my roll of Contact paper blackboard material.

The thin bar closest to the launch lug is there for front placement only and will be removed.
You can see a center pencil line on it.

The horizontal bars go on first, then the lower wrap around the body tube right above the leading edge of the fins. It covers the earlier sanded red paint edge.

The finished lower end with the thin guide bar removed.

Even without the U.S. ARMY decals in place, the model looks pretty good.

Build time: 
Cut and Set Roll Patterns = 30 minutes
Total build time so far = 6 hours 20 minutes

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