Friday, November 21, 2014

LPR "Bat" Rockets

There have been plenty of Bat themed models over the years,
There was the Centuri Acro-Bat in 1964 and the SAI Min Bat Boost glider, but the models shown below have the scalloped fin or bat wing designs.
Here are some of the Batman themes:

Centuri BatRoc
NUMBER: KB-8 or #5038
Only available as a kit in 1968

This was a design contest winner by Ron Maggiano
Original Centuri Instructions are HERE

I built a Semroc repro and painted mine gray, black and yellow trim reflecting the Batman comic book costume.
It was lost, drifted over the fence and into a back yard.

This is the Estes - THE BAT (Kit # 1362) 
available from 1981 - 1984.
Not my favorite design.
John Bergsmith did a review of this clone on
Photo on right by John Bergsmith.

Most recently:
The Estes HYPER BAT (KIT # 7217)
It's a two stager. The fins remind me of a more recent Batman movie logo.

None of the kits are titled "Batman".
The rights to the name would have been very expensive.

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