Tuesday, November 25, 2014

Quest Response to "Out Of Stock"

After much speculation about igniters and supplies, Bill Stine posted this on TRF: 

OK, here's an official response from Quest:

First, NO, Q2G2 igniters are NOT gone forever and you will be able to purchase them again soon (both shorts and longs). The version that comes packed with the motors will not have any difference at all from the "originals" you guys love! But due to new pending BATF regulations, the ones sold as accessories are going to have a slightly different pyrogen on them - but you likely won't notice any difference.

And yes, we have been out of stock on A's, and then B's and then C6-5's. New production was completed in September and was expected to arrive via ocean freight then. Some regulations on shipping HazMat materials have recently changed in China - and we had to test new shipping cartons. Unexpected after unexpected delays just keep happening, and therefore I won't announce a "solid" arrival date now. but it will be soon...

We appreciate your patience and loyalty.

As to quality, the Quest China motors are very bit as reliable and safe as Estes BP motors (NAR MESS reports certainly support this). They are not made in a fireworks factory and the AQL process and testing is every bit as tough as it was in our own US factory years ago. In fact they are made from military grade BP - it just has a slightly slower burn rate than the US BP does. Most folks love our slightly slower burns, especially the C's. Teachers especially like the slower burn times because the kids get a bigger thrill out of slower boost that they can see...

The merger with AeroTech has been great, but of course there have been some "bumps". Running out of motors certainly was the biggest one...

We hope to have some new product announcements soon that I think the rocketry community will get a big buzz out of.

Bill Stine


  1. It would be great if the 18 mm BP motors could be brought down i price...

    1. Hi Metalhead,
      It would be great if the Quest engine prices were lower. They were lower than Estes a few years back.
      Some corporations will raise their prices to whatever else is out there on the market. Here in Orlando, Sea World raised their one day ticket price to match Disney and Universal. The reasoning?
      They thought it made the park more appealing and raised it's stature on par with the competitors. (Even though it wasn't a better product. Disney and Universal are more elaborate parks.) Plus, they obviously make much more money.
      I'm not saying that's why Quest raised their engine prices to match the Estes engines. But some companies do think that way.

  2. Ha yea ....had several Disney vacations your way ....Universal once.....No contest.....Disney can make it snow in Florida....end of story ....that mouse took my money and ran hahhaha....Made the drive from Indiana to Florida several times ....what a haul....