Saturday, November 22, 2014

Estes Black Friday Sale!

Estes is having a Black Friday Sale! CLICK HERE
The Mega Mosquito aren't shown on the Clearance pages, but do a search and they show up on sale for $8.29. All four of the original Pro Series II kits are only $26.99
Free Shipping on orders over $29.95!


  1. Holly Cow! I already have a mega mosquito, but How can I pass up 8.29? That is $1.30 more than the regular mosquito (and it includes a regular mosquito). Maybe I'll make a triple motor clustered mosquito or by two and make a multistage mosquito. Some science experiment gone bad.

    1. Hi Scott,
      I've already made my Mega Mosquito too but might pick up another before the sale is over. You're right, the Mega Mosquito for a little over the retail price of one Mini Mosquito.
      I've only flown the Mega once with a D and it was very cool.
      The deciding factor might be the Free Shipping over $29.95. I can pick up a few that I don't already have from previous sales in a smaller order.
      Estes is running out of some kits. I wanted two Payloader IIs but they were out. I found them cheap on Ebay though.
      One Ebay, it's amazing how many people went into the rocket selling business from previous Estes sales.