Thursday, November 13, 2014

Estes R2D2 #2142 Build, Part 7, Stickers!

The stickers will lay flat around the main body can.
They will not lay flat over the dome head!
I went back and cut slits over all the raised areas. This allowed the stickers to be burnished down flat.

You have to make a call on this. Does the dome stickers look better with raised wrinkles or sitting flat with cut lines?
To me, the cut lines are much less noticeable.

It's too bad Estes compromised and went with stickers. Whoever made up the plastic molds did a GREAT job. When I was younger I built a lot of plastic models. I wish those kits fit together as well as this one did.

Use your knife blade to lift and place the stickers on the model.
If you use a clean knife, fingerprints won't be picked up under the clear areas.


  1. Chris,
    She is looking great, do you still fly your rockets? I live in S.California so it takes an act of congress to get a permit, I just drive out to the desert.
    Also when did you start using primers back in the day?
    How come you no longer use old formula Krylon? Its still pretty cheap.

  2. Hi David,
    I don't fly my old stuff, most all of it is gone. I left the hobby around 1977 or 78.
    I was raised in the Monterey Bay of California and got an engine permit to fly on the family artichoke ranch around 1971. All we could get back then were kits - no engines.
    I started using Duplicolor primer/filler when I got back into the hobby around 2007. I never used it or knew it existed the first time around.
    Individual can prices of Krylon are reasonably priced but you have to buy six at a time! Right now the Rusto 2X works for me and I can get many colors easily from Home Depot.