Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Estes R2D2 #2142 Build, Part 6, Brushed Blue Trim

One of the stickers was set on the dome to match the blue paint that will be  brushed on.
With the transluscent sticker over the aluminum paint, the nave blue was close.

I used to spray paint into the can cap for touch ups.
Now I put a small baggie into a mixing cup and spray the paint into the bag.
When I'm done, the bag is zipped close and thrown away.
I knew the legs would be a problem.
There is no way to mask and spray these.
I didn't spray the legs white before the blue was painted on. There was going to be some scraping. These were left bare plastic.

The picture shows the first coat. It is uneven. I'll wait until the first coat is completely dry before brushing on a second coat.
TIP: If you try to brush the second coat before the first is dry, the first coat will lift off making a more uneven surface.


  1. Have you tried something like Microscale liquid mask?

    I've used it before with decent results.

    1. Hi Chris,
      I've used it before with fair results.
      I didn't have any when this model was built. This was one of those builds I just wanted to end! It would be a hard area to do even with the Microscale liquid mask.

  2. Chris,
    Here is my build, I masked and used spray paint.

    1. Hi David,
      Very nice work. I should have went with the liquid mask and spray paint!