Friday, November 7, 2014

Estes R2D2 #2142 Build, Part 1, Parts

Again, this is the smaller version of the Estes R2D2 kit. The larger version had a BT-101 body with a printed wrap. This one has a plastic body.
Lots of parts, the only traditional tube and rings are inside in the engine mount.
You are given two elastic shock cords, the 1/8" x 36" long one is used.
A 1/8" x 18" shock cord is in the parachute bag but not needed.

Parts on interest from the upper left going clockwise - 
Two bulkhead disks are on thick die cut card stock. Only one is used.
The engine mount and interior tubes are thick for Estes. No shiny layer on the larger 55 size tube.
In the center is a washer weight.
The centering rings were probably made for just this kit.
These aren't anything I've seen before, especially the bulkhead ring on the lower right.


  1. I have R2D2 Model #1301 from 1977 unopened.

    Which I think is the larger one you mentioned. It's a bit different with a tube for the main body and plastic legs.

    It doesn't look like a very stable flyer. The only recommended engine for mine is the C6-3

    1. Hi Scott,
      Yours is the larger, earlier 1978 release.
      My older, larger R2D2 had an under powered flight using the single C6-3. It nosed in and ejected the parachute on the ground. The clear fins were broken. That was one of my last launches before a LONG hiatus from rocketry.

  2. This is interesting, the Estes #1301 is the stormcaster at Estes instructions ( . But it's also my R2D2 Model #1301, perhaps because mine is a division of Damon...?

    I don't see the Estes R2D2 #2142 in the Estes instructions...

    Also, at the Semroc instructions site ( I can find my R2D2, but not yours. Now I see how mine can fly, fins are attached to the feet of my R2D2.

    Finally at Semroc I see mine 1301 R2-D2 and 1395 R2D2, but not yours...

    I think you may want to take a look and see if you can add your R2D2 instructions to Semroc.

    What year was your R2D2 made?

    1. Hi Scott,
      I know Estes has reused rocket names on entirely different models. They would probably do the same with catalog numbers from a discontinued model.
      I don't think Semroc would list this one, most of the model is plastic and they wouldn't have supplied replacement parts for it. You'd have to have extra plastic parts to make a clone.
      If I were to send scans they would probably go to JimZ or Old Rocket Plans.
      Most of the production data I could come up with is on this post:
      This middle sized R2D2 came out in 1998. I thought it was produced to coincide with a Star Wars movie release but no new SW movies came out that year.