Thursday, November 6, 2014

Estes R2D2 Back Story

The first Estes R2D2 was "available" after March 15, 1978.
It was a big BT-101 based model. Recommended engines were a B6-2 and C6-3.
The pre-production catalog illustration shows the legs as "T" shaped profile fins. The kit ended up with clear plastic fins that extended below the side legs.
I remember building one. It was nearly impossible to paint all the trim. The round nose did eject like a normal rocket.

It flew once. With a C6-3 it hit the ground before the parachute ejected. The plastic fins shattered.

In 1998, Estes released a smaller version of the R2D2, this time around BT-70 size at 2.6" diameter.
The clear fins were much the same design. The earlier clear fins screwed on, the fins on the new small version are glued.
This is a rear eject with a 12" parachute rolled around a central engine tube.

The larger earlier edition was also re-released in 1998.
Still under powered, I'd never use a recommended B6-2 in the larger one. Even a C6-3 is questionable.
A small third "T" engine RTF model was also produced.

The 1998 package says: Simple construction.
Simple, no. Interesting, YES!

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