Monday, December 8, 2014

Another Use for the Great Planes Sanding Block TIP

On TRF, Thirsty Barbarian asked about good tools for scratch building.
Paul (Dr Wogs) made a great suggestion for a second use of the Great Planes Easy Touch Sanding Block:

"I have one from 'Great Planes', love it! 
And, this particular sanding square, because of it's unique shape (extrusion) also doubles as a tube marker for fin and launch lug lines." 

It does work very well, like a short aluminum angle. 


  1. I agree, this little 5.5" sanding block is a must have. I also have the 11" aluminum block - which is also great. One nice thing is that you can cut standard 9x11" sandpaper into 8 strips for the 5.5" block (5.5x2.25"), or 4 strips for the 11" block (11x2.25") with no waste. I use 3M spray adhesive to attach, lining up one corner of the paper to one corner of the block, giving two flush edges for tight areas. On the other two edges I wrap the excess sandpaper around the aluminum edge, which is useful for sanding the bottom of a slot or other odd spot. I don't know what I would do without them.

    1. Hi Eero,
      These are the best! I wish all my tools were this good.
      I'm going to get two more and use spray adhesive with 400 grit paper. The Great Planes sandpaper rolls only go to 220 grit.

  2. Once I saw your sander on this blog, I bought it immediately. If I'd found it when I first started out, I'd have spared myself buying two or three sanders I'm not crazy about.