Tuesday, December 23, 2014

More New Estes Kits

The best news is - 
The 2" diameter (Centuri capsule) Mercury Redstone is returning!
This is the Liberty Bell version. They specify a C6-3 engine only for a 200' altitude.
This version has laser cut wood fins and water slide decals.

The upcoming Odyssey is a skill level 5 kit made for 24mm engines.
There are some scalloped body tubes on the back end.

Three different parts packages called the Mix N' Match will feature three models built around a BT-50, BT-55 or BT-60. These use the new fin can design with interchangeable fins.

The Flip Flyer is a helicopter recovery model that turns over when the three large blades release at ejection. It looks like it rotates with the open body tube down. The nose cone comes down by a 9" parachute.

A new 9" parachute and 24mm to 29mm adapters are also listed.
To check out the new products CLICK HERE


  1. I am glad that Estes is bringing back some of these great kits - like this Centuri KS-1 derivative.
    I found an old Estes #1921 Redstone in the attic that belonged to my father. It is in bad shape, but the capsule is still good, minus the red escape tower. I ordered new 50mm tubing and decals (http://preview.tinyurl.com/m2vmxfa) and downloaded the plans (http://www.spacemodeling.org/JimZ/est1921.htm). This will be a fun rebuild.
    I will definitely buy these new builder's kits from Estes. I'm also waiting for the Estes Lynx and Scorpion.

    1. Hi Eero,
      I'll be getting this Redstone when it comes out. I always wanted the Centuri version. the detail on the capsule is pretty amazing. I'd probably upgrade for 24mm engines. I don't like being stuck with one engine (the C6-3) and only 200 feet.
      This one has wood fins (one Estes version had plastic fins if memory serves me) and water slide decals. Much better than the stick-ons.
      When it's available I'll be getting the Lynx kit. I'm not too hot on the green Scorpion.