Sunday, December 7, 2014

Estes Bullpup #7000, Build Highlights Part 3, Tail Cone

Dry fit the tail cone - no glue yet.
TIP: Turn the tail cone until you get an even spacing gap all the way between the engine mount tube and end of the tail cone.
When it's even, mark the tail cone and tube as shown in the inset picture.
Apply glue and turn the tail cone until the marks line up.

The instructions tell you to put plastic glue on the tail cone shoulder and slide it into the tube. This would push glue outside and onto the tail cone lip.
TIP: Put the glue inside the BT-55 as shown in the inset picture.
The printed fin marking guide was off. Lately, kit supplied marking guides don't quite meet up when wrapped around the body tube.

The picture on the left has the fin numbers marked 1 through 4.
After marking the fins in the first position, the marking guide was turned 90 degrees and checked. Another 90 degree turn and you can see the guide is off.
I'll make my own guide.

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