Thursday, December 25, 2014

FlisKits Mercury Redstone Build Part 14, Tower Eject Housing

Before the dowel is cut to size, I'd recommend drilling a small hole for the tower spike.
The instructions just say to glue it on top. With it set in a hole it won't break off as easily.

Instead of cutting up the instructions, I cut new strips off the bottom of the sheet.

I ended up cutting the top band a little wider. It will be glued overhanging the top of the dowel and then sanded flush with the end. This way the top will end up smoother without a ridge from the glued paper rings.

Tack the end down first and let dry.

Run some white glue down the strip with a Q-tip.
The wider top wrap gets two full wraps, the two thin bands get one wrap.

On the upper left notice the pencil tick mark. All the band ends were started at this mark.

At the wrap start and overlap point a razor blade makes a very thin notch. (Notice the top band is starting to come off. It was glued back down before gluing down the channel strip.

A drop of glue was set on my work table. The root edge was dragged over the glue drop while the channel was held with tweezers.

I made two housings, I'll probably use the second try, the one on the right. The tower tip is just a little long.

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