Tuesday, December 23, 2014

FlisKits Mercury Redstone Build Part 12, Tower Assembly

While the instructions show the tower base ring to be a single layer, I glued the two together for a thicker ring.
This is glued to the "shelf" on the nose cone.
The lower tower inverted "Vs" will be glued to the ring.
The raised lip near the base of the capsule was built up with CWF.
This assembly will be painted black.

I made a few extra tower sides to have extras to pick from.

The side of the tower joints was carefully sanded at an angle to better fit against the adjoining tower side.

In the picture, the vertical is turned down and away from the block to get the angle.

One side of tower was taped down.
A second side was held with tweezers and CA glue was set on the joint with the tip of a toothpick.

The inset picture shows the finished tower.
The struts are thicker than actual scale. With all three sides glued up it's stronger than you would think.
The finished tower will be painted red.


  1. awesome job on that tower! Just superb! Building a Redstone tower is tough enough as it is....I don't think you can make It any better!


    1. Thanks NJRick!
      I could, should, would have made it out of thinner struts!

  2. That tower is quite a feat of modeling excellence. This motivates me to attempt the rebuild of my Estes #1921 escape tower. Thankfully, it is twice the scale, but daunting none the less.

    1. Thanks Eero,
      The few Estes 1921 I've seen have rebuilt towers! They have all had a hard landing and had to be repaired. This tower was about 1/2" tall, the 1921 tower is (I think) over 2".
      The Dr. Zooch Freedom 7 MR tower looks better, the horizontal and diagonal struts are wire.