Thursday, December 11, 2014

Estes Bullpup #7000, Build Highlights Finished

The Bullpup has been built on the blog before, this time I touched on some different highlights.
On the lower left you can see the placement of the black and orange circle decals, probably a fill valve.
I was very pleased to see Estes is including water slide decals with the Bullpup again.
Water slide decals certainly look better on scale-like rockets. There is a lot of decals to place and mine were thin.
This finished Bullpup will go up for sale on Ebay soon.

The Estes estimated weight is 1.8 oz.
My empty weight (no engines or wadding) is 2.15 oz. I tend to paint heavy and did add a few feet of shock cord and a snap swivel. I don't know if the Estes weight is from older releases before the second clay weight was added.
My C/G is 9 3/8" from the nose cone tip with parachute, wadding and a C6-5 engine in place.

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