Friday, December 5, 2014

Estes Bullpup #7000, Build Highlights Part 1, Fins, Decals & Shroud Lines

The Estes Bullpup has been built on the blog before.
I'm building two for sale on Ebay. I was surprised by some of the changes in the kit contents.

The fins are "pieced". You can see the second piece of wood at the rear of the fin.

I was glad to see water slide decals!
This is a newer issue of the kit, the stamped date on the decals is 3/21/13.

The pre-assembled 12" parachute has the weak shroud lines.
They broke with an easy pull.
These will have to be replaced.


  1. Fins made of wood-like substance :^)

  2. 2 for eBay? Build one to your current high standards and sell that on eBay, then build the second old school......sealer, no primer, no spiral filling. I will buy the second one for the same price you sell the first one for on eBay plus the extra cost of balsa sealer......:)