Saturday, December 13, 2014

FlisKits Mercury Redstone Build Part 2 Fins

Here’s the laser cut fin pieces.
On the upper left, the 1/16" thick Basswood main body fin pieces
Upper right, laser cut card stock, six fin tip pieces are on the sheet
Below is the 1/32" laser cut Basswood stock. Six small Air Rudders are provided.

We'll start by cleaning up the long strips, the Stabilizer Fins

Sand the flat fin surfaces smooth while the fins are still on the sheet.

Regarding the edges -
The trick here is to sand off the rough edges without making the fins any smaller.
Just sand enough of the brown off to smooth the edges.

The instructions don’t say to do so, but I did round the leading edges of the stabilizer fins.
Squared on left, rounded leading edges on right.

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