Monday, December 1, 2014

Launch, Schoolyard Soccer Field, November 30, 2014

I haven't been to the soccer field for a while. Every time I get up early enough, I look out the window and the wind is blowing. This morning the tree branches were still.

The FlisKits RED CRAYON was first up with a MicroMaxx engine with the old brown plastic casing. These little guys are neck snappers, very fast off the pad to about 100 feet. The streamer pulled out of the the upper body and came down without damage.

The down scale carded Centuri ASTRO 1 got to 400 feet with just a 1/2A3-4t engine. Under the streamer it did drift and landed just five feet from the brick wall and adjacent homes. On fin was torn off the body, easy to fix.

The indestructible Quest VIPER had it's 12th flight again with the Quest A6-4. Perfect for this small field. Apogee is an estimate at 300 feet.
The parachute didn't eject, just the nose cone separated. No damage at recovery.

If wadding is left in the model, it might be smoldering!
Use your launch rod or a dowel to push it out immediately.

The Odd'l Rockets PIGASUS flew with an Estes B6-4 in it's tail.
A perfect boost to 325 feet and full parachute deploy. No damage.

The best flight of the morning goes to the Dr. Zooch SATURN V with an Estes B6-4. This is a model everybody should have in their fleet.
Arrow straight with the altitude was probably under 300 feet.
The yellow trash bag parachute opened without any trouble.
I caught it before it hit the ground, just five feet from the launcher.
My new Canon SX280HS camera is working out very well. The high speed burst function shoots 7 pictures in 1/2 second. For a point and shoot style camera the resolution is much better than what I had used before. 
It's great to have four or five higher resolution moving pictures to choose from.
The last flight wasn't the best.
This is the Popsicle Stick MONOCOPTER, a free plan on the Art Applewhite website.
The centrifugal force was too much for the older white glue holding on the air foiled blade. It went up 10 feet and broke apart.
Easy to fix, and certainly no blame goes to the designer.
It has spun and "buzzed" six times before and will fly again.

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