Friday, December 5, 2014

Wrapping Controller Wires?

A very important TIP, After a launch session -
Don't wrap the thin red lead wires tightly around the controller!

Two reasons:
If the red lead lines are wrapped over and depress the launch button while stored, this can bend the inside contacts and leave the button in a down or depressed launch position!

Look at the top of the controller where the red line leaves the controller.
Never put a sharp bend in the red wires over the top of the controller!
Over time the red cover insulation gets stiff and can crack if sharply bent too many times. The thin wires inside also bend and break.

Always leave some slack at the hole where the line leaves the controller case! This simple strain relief will extend the life of the controller wires. The wire does tend to break where it leaves the top hole of the controller.

My controller and red lead lines are loosely set down inside the bottom of my range box.

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